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1,000,000 Internet entrepreneurs blossom forecast, the head of China's largest Internet In 2008, it will become clear, e-commerce will have a greater impact on China from the West. China will have a new model of Internet companies will spread westward. And e-commerce will lead to China's economy has entered a new era of innovation, customer orientation and responsible business practices, rather than with the people's power as an important determinant of success.

When the e-commerce in the West was born in 1995, can only admire the view. Thinking of mouse clicks to buy products online is often totally unknown, it appears that it is not possible in China. If you are lucky enough to have a telephone line, Internet access slow and expensive. Bank of inefficient decision-making difficult and time-consuming to pay. Meant to send a package waiting for the platoon leader at the post office. And the consumer culture not to take off, hindered the disposable income of low and inefficient state-owned system of retailing. This is a business rather than consumers, to promote electronic commerce in the early years of China. The most flexible business began to take note of the Internet as a channel to match buyers and suppliers. Enter into China with the World Trade Organization in 2001, a new "economic component" is being developed along the east coast of China, a fertile ground for a large number of small and medium enterprises, made a life of the brand . The Internet has proven to be the best way to connect to the fragmentation of these other buyers and sellers, trade shows and magazines to replace the first choice in buying the product. In 2003, the trend of integration of the two, so that the consumer e-commerce emerged from a long slumber. The first generation of Chinese Internet users have already graduated from college and have their attention from online games for purchase online. With the increasing disposable income and more products than ever before have the option, a healthy consumer culture, the development of the retail industry has not kept pace with the physical infrastructure. Secondly, the international e-commerce companies to start large-scale investment in the next few inches competition between foreign and local firms to help the education market and attract more online purchases. The new business model to meet the special needs of Chinese consumers. Hierarchy and escrow services to pay to resolve the issue of trust between buyers and sellers. Integration of real-time chat on the market a better understanding of each other before the operation, a necessary role in society, the relationship remains the most important channels for the flow of confidence. In 2007, the market leader in 5,000 users, and for the first time, the daily value for cash transactions over the Internet taken by the physics of major retailers such as Wal-Mart. In addition, users of the online payment system for more than a holder of a credit card, which indicates that electronic commerce is a very different path in the West, and that depends on the credit card.

In view of the B2C and C2C site model is still largely evident in the West, which will continue to combine, consumers who visit a single rating of the stock market of individuals, small and large retailers, such as retailers. The new credit system will take the form of individuals and companies for the development of the registry, so that the Bank of reliable information, so that loans to businesses and consumers.

The most important trend in 2008 will be the emergence of a new class of entrepreneurs. A link niche manufacturers with small retailers, middlemen cut and greater competition, the company professionally. More and more entrepreneurs are buying the amount of sites such as Alibaba and sell to consumers in the west of the site, such as e-commerce eBay.s to create economic opportunities and around the world. A new class of entrepreneurs and transparency are the means of e-commerce companies are increasingly responsible for their further integration into the global economy. This is a new generation of entrepreneurs to provide the best opportunity we have to promote economic development at the grassroots level in China and around the world.

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